German Public Transportation Vocabulary and Phrases


Die Öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel (Public Transportation)

Germany is a country with an extensive public transportation system. If you are traveling or moving to Germany, you should familiarize yourself with the public transportation plan in your city, and what discounts are available for daily, weekly, monthly tickets. 

Tickets for public transportation can be purchased at vending machines and ticket counters. Once you purchase your ticket, you may still have to get it "stamped" or validated. There are ticket validators on busses and trams, and at train stations. More and more machines are now issuing pre-validated tickets.

There are no turnstiles or locked gates. Getting on a train or us is based on the honor system, but beware of "Fahrkartenkontrolleure" (ticket controllers), which are people, often in civilian clothing, who will ask you to show them your ticket, and if you don't have one you will be fined. Best is to always purchase a ticket. 

Here are some useful phrases and vocabulary. Offentliche Verkehrsmittel Vokabular for the full list:

die S-Bahn(en)the S-train (commuter train)
die U-Bahn(en)the subway
der Bus(se)the bus
die Tram(s)the tram/trolley
der Zug(Züge)the train
das Abteil(e)the section (of a train)
der Bahnhof(höfe)the train station
der Hauptbahnhofcentral station
die (Halte)Station(en)the stop (station, for trains)
die Endstation(en)the final stop
die Haltestelle(n) the stop (station, for busses and trams)
der Fahrplan(plane)the time table, schedule

einsteigen - to board
aussteigen to get off
zurückbleiben to stand/stay back
umsteigen to change trains/busses/trams
verpassen to miss (the train/bus, etc)
Welche Station ist ____? - Which stop/station is _____?
Wo muss ich/man aussteigen/umsteigen? - Where do I need to get off/transfer?
Wie oft muss ich/man umsteigen? - How often do I need to change/transfer?
Ich brauche eine Fahrkarte nach_____.I need a ticket to ____.
Wie komme ich von hier nach/zu ______? - How do I get from here to ____?
Download whole list here: Offentliche Verkehrsmittel Vokabular
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