Language Training

Foreign language instruction is at the heart of what we do at CORE Languages — and for good reason! Learning to speak, read, and conduct business in a foreign language is an increasingly valuable skill, and there are tremendous professional and personal benefits to learning another language.

CORE Languages Business Training offers the unique option of face-to-face training, additional metrics measuring course progress inside of CORE CONNECT as well as upgraded access to concierge customer support.  Find out more about getting your business signed up with CORE Languages.

Private Courses

Private language training offers flexibility in scheduling and a high level of customization of course curriculum based on the individual’s learning needs.

  • In Person Training
  • Instructor-Led Online Training


Duo Courses and Group Courses

Duo (two participants) and group (3 or more) courses focus on reading, writing and conversation skills. In addition to learning a foreign language, participants will learn about the target country’s culture and people.

  • In Person Training 
  • Instructor-Led Online Training

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