Corporate Language Training

Face to Face or Virtually Online

Private Language Courses 

  • Private language training is recommended for advanced level students who are capable of working at a more demanding pace or who want to move according to a highly personalized schedule or curriculum
  • Private language training sessions hone in on an individual’s goals and educational needs
  • Sessions are customized on an individual basis based on needs assessed and student’s goals

Duo Language Courses

  • Duo courses provide a cost effective option for pairs of students.
  • Sessions are customized based on set goals by the participants

Self-Study Courses

  • Online learning content 
  • Prerecorded lessons
  • Assessments per module

Group Language Courses

  • Group language training is suggested for introductory or early stage language students and offers our best rates.
  • Our standard package consists of two classes per week – 90 minutes per class
  • Courses run for up to 60 hours in duration providing adequate time to interact with learning material
  • Digital learning materials, including syllabus, activities, assessment, etc are provided. Physical material packages are available and recommended for group courses.