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Portuguese-Private Training

Are you looking to learn Portuguese with a trained language instructor? With this easy start option, you can select one or more hours to get started or continue your course.

Item consists of 1 hour (60 minutes) of Online Instructor-Led Language Training.

As always, you get our CORE happy customer guarantee.  

1. Purchase as little as 1 hour of class time to try it out.
2. You select your instructor from our list of recommended instructors.
3. Request a new instructor any time... no questions asked.
4. Set your schedule. (Once or more per week based on your schedule)
5. Get enough time to use your class hours and meet your goals. 
6. Get the best rates when you commit to more hours.

Please review Terms as well as Frequently Asked Questions before committing as purchases are non refundable.
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    • Price for 4 or more is $40.00 each (Save $5.00 per item)
    • Price for 12 or more is $37.50 each (Save $7.50 per item)
    • Price for 20 or more is $35.00 each (Save $10.00 per item)

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