Teachers: Before your First Class

Here are a few things to look at before your first class with your first student.

Getting Started with CONNECT ClassRoom Video Tutorials

Become an expert in using CONNECT ClassRoom, which runs on the lessonspace video platform. Follow this video tutorial series to learn all about the different features, tips and tricks to use in your online classes.

Open the Test ClassRoom before your first class to ensure your audio and video works fine. Be sure to resolve any warnings such as browser updates or camera permissions that will have an effect on your class. CONNECT ClassRoom runs on lessonspace, a proven platform that brings ease of use and robust tools to our teachers. Great news, CORE Languages pays for our teachers' and students' licenses, so using CONNECT ClassRoom is provided for you. Have a look at the following videos and help articles to prepare for a successful first class. 


Would you like to test out CONNECT ClassRoom? Here is a sample Test ClassRoom hosted through lessonspace. Here are a few things to practice and know before you get started (plus a few tips and tricks).

  1. Because CONNECT ClassRoom is accessed through your browser, you will need to grant permission to use your camera and microphone.
  2. Make sure you have watched the tutorial above. Lessonspace created an example English class for us to demonstrate ways to use the our platform while you teach.


  3. How will students Join? Students can join by logging into CORE CONNECT or through our automated email sent with a unique class link 1 hour before each class.
  4. Are you a pro at using "the internet"? Then skip to #5, but if you want some tips or tricks Check out this Chrome tutorial for beginners or Microsoft Edge tutorial for beginners.
  5. Here is a great tip for laptop users or anyone with a trackpad. Gestures! Gestures are extremely helpful for those with a small screen and help you jump around to different windows like a pro. Look professional and organized by using these Microsoft Windows gestures or Apple Macbook gestures to help you access content you wish to share with your student quickly.
  6. Want to get the most out of CONNECT ClassRoom? Our favorite is the popout video screen... helps you see your student while sharing windows, etc. Check out this Advanced Features video.