Camera and Microphone Access with CONNECT Video

Here are some basic tips and helpful hints to make using your camera and microphone easy

Join a call muted

CONNSCT Video remembers your camera and mic preference when you leave a call.

  • Leave a call with your camera turned off. The next time you join you'll join muted. (You can turn it on again, in the call.)

Allowing camera access is different from camera muting.

  • Please click Allow camera/mic when you join a call

  • Allow gives you the option to unmute. If you don't Allow, the browser or OS prevents you from muting or unmuting.

How to change your camera/mic

You can easily change which microphone, camera, or speakers you use for a CONNECT Video call.

  • In the bottom menu of any call, click More.

  • Select Camera/microphone settings.

  • A window pops up. Select the mic, camera, or speakers that you'd like to use.

Mute others with Shh mode

You can use "Shh mode!" to mute other participants during a call. This feature is really useful in large calls, with lots of participants.

Poor call quality? Use Shh mode to mute other participants cameras. Video is a bandwidth hog, and each participant's network may be overloaded during a large meeting.

How to activate Shh mode

  • Join your video call

  • Click the More icon in the lower-right

  • Click on Shh mode

  • Select what you'd like to mute: cameras, microphones or both

  • Click the green Mute button

Note: individuals can unmute themselves at any time during a call. We recommend a maximum of 6–10 cameras being turned on, at a time, during larger calls.

Chrome audio issue

Can others not hear you?

Chrome may not be set to the correct mic settings.

  • In your call menu, click More (to the right of the green Invite button)

  • Click More > Cam/mic settings

  • In the mic pulldown, you may see 2 different options for your mic setting - an Internal and a Default.

  • Choose the Default version of your mic

No camera, no mic fix

Camera and mic problems and you're in the call?

  • Do your cam/mic buttons say 'No cam' and/or 'No mic'

  • Are the buttons red?

If they say 'No cam' or 'No mic,' your computer operating system is not talking to Chrome.

  • Windows: Reboot

  • Mac: Reboot.

  • Mac terminal line command: sudo killall VDCAssistant

Allow camera and mic access, for more control

For privacy and security reasons, you have to give CONNECT Video permission to use your computer/browsers camera and microphone.

When you join a call click "Allow" to grant cam/mic permission to your browser.

This lets other guests see and hear you. You then can control mute/unmute in the call itself. If you click decline permissions, you can't control your camera/microphone in the call.

How to "Allow" permissions — by browser/OS

  • Chrome: click Allow, usually in the top left of your Chrome window

  • Edge: click Allow at the bottom of your Edge window

  • Firefox: top of your browser window

  • Safari: click Allow, also at the top of your browser window. Note: Safari prompts for allowing permissions each time you join a call (this is an Apple privacy measure, we cannot control this).