Class Recording with CONNECT Video

Learn how to record your classes that are hosted on CONNECT Video.

Can I record classes that are hosted on CONNECT Video?

Yes, you can indeed! We have now given users the option to record any class that is hosted on CONNECT Video.

How do I set up Class Recording on CONNECT Video?

Setting up lesson recording on CONNECT Video is straight-forward and completed by a CORE Languages Success Manager assigned to you or your course. All group courses are recorded by default. This allows students who miss class to rewatch class any time. Private courses will need to request for recording to be turned on. Teachers or students can request this feature. Please note this feature is turned on for all classes and not a class-by-class basis.

Is there a place where I can see all of the class recordings?

If you want to view any recordings that have been completed on a class, then you can go to the Activity tab directly linked to the class page and you will be able to see any recordings there.


You can also view any recorded classes by going to Activity > Class Recordings from the panel on the left-hand side of your login.


Why are my recordings not showing straight away?

Sometimes it may take a few minutes for the class recordings to generate and be displayed within CORE CONNECT.

Can teachers control whether classes recordings are enabled?

No, teachers do not have control over whether classes are being recorded or not. They can see that classes are being recorded, but they do not have control to stop/start recordings.

How much does it cost to use class recording with CONNECT Video?

Recording fees and storage fees are paid for by CORE Languages directly and there is no cost to client, student or teacher for these added features. 

How long are class recordings with CONNECT Video stored?

Recordings are stored on average for 30 days. Clients may request that we extend this storage period for an additional fee.