CONNECT Video Call Basics

Get started with CONNECT Video and find out why our clients and students love it!

What is CONNECT Video?

CONNECT Video is our very own integrated platform that allows you to host video lessons online.

Daily Video

If you are teaching a class hosted by CONNECT Video, all you have to do is make sure you have selected CONNECT Video as your video platform on the course. Once you have done this you can just use the link in each class or the link in your emails to join the video call.

Students taking lessons will also be able to access CONNECT Video via each scheduled class on their calendar or on the link in their emails.

How to start and join a video call

Anyone can join a meeting link, on the computer or phone. Guests don't need an account or software download.

  1. To invite, just copy and share the link (Or send that link via Class Reminders)

  2. To join, click the meeting link. We recommend using Chrome for the most features.

When you click a link to join, here's what you see and do:

  • Computer users click the green button.

  • TV users, click the purple button.

  • Mobile users can join with video if there are 4 or fewer participants in the call.

Invite someone to a call

To invite someone, copy and share your CONNECT Video meeting link created 24 hours before each class. Students access this via an email sent 1 hour before each class.

Guests just click your meeting link to join. Anyone, on a computer anywhere, can join your call. Guests don't need to download or create an account. Up to 200 people can join a meeting on Chrome. We recommend 6-10 cameras on at one time — it depends on users' network quality.

Find your link, in a video call

If you're already in your CONNECT Video call, your meeting link is shown on your computer screen:

The meeting link is in the address bar of your browser. That's just at the top of your Chrome window. Or, in the bottom bar of your call, just click the green Invite button. This copies your call info to your clipboard, to send to a guest.

Can I Screen Record Using CONNECT Video?

Yes!  All group courses are set to record individual classes by default. If you are teaching a private class, you or your student can request for classes to be recorded at the start of your course.