How do I Complete a Private Class and Create a Report?

Another way of asking this is: How do I mark attendance for class? With the attached report, we can tell the students and client how things are going...

So, you have recently finished teaching a class and you notice a new message on your dashboard. Something that looks like the following.

Complete a Class: This is a reminder that you need to mark attendance of the student (click here to learn how to mark attendance for a class with several students) for this class in order to be paid. You have two options. 

1. You can "Click to complete it." by literally clicking the blue text that says Click to complete it. If you select this option, you are stating that the class took place and at least one student attended the class.  You will then get a confirmation message asking you to confirm. Click Mark Complete

2. The other option is to Click on the name of the class in blue, in this case, "Rob M.-German". You will be taken to the Class Details page, where you can select the following three options to mark whether the class took place or not.

  • Click the green Complete button to show that at least one student participated in the class.
  • Click the white Cancel button to show a planned cancellation (the student(s) provided at least 24 hours notification before the class took place and there is no charge for the cancellation).
  • Click the white dropdown arrow to the right of the cancel button to select Cancel but still Charge, meaning adequate notice was not provided and even thought the class did not take place, there is still a charge for the class.

Create a Report: Have you tried to complete your class but are asked to provide a report? You may see the following message. This class cannot be marked complete until you have filled in a report. Please note that the client cannot be invoiced, and therefore we cannot generate a payment, until this happens.

  • The General Feedback section shares information with the students and client regarding how the overall class went and the course overall. We recommend sharing a quick highlight from class (what was covered/learned). We also recommend sharing things like overall attendance (is everyone doing well? Great! If students are missing online class, remind them to rewatch the recorded class section in CORE CONNECT.)
  • Homework and Notes are important to students only. This is where you can share links of content to practice as well as homework to cover in their books. 
  • Student Participation is a great place to share your thoughts on how students interacted in class. Can they do better? Provide a lower score to show them that more is expected. Was everyone engaged? Great! 10/10!
When you are finished, click Save Report and send your feedback to students and clients. You are done!