How do I find my class recordings?

All group (2 or more participants) classes that are hosted through CONNECT Hub are recorded for participants to review at a later time. Here is how to locate your recorded classes.

All classes that take place on our platform CONNECT Hub are recorded for students to review at a later time. Class recordings are a wonderful way for students to look back at difficult topics for review. Class recordings are also helpful for participants in group courses to be able to keep up with missed or early canceled classes as they will not fall behind on newly covered material if they keep up with class recordings.

  • To watch your class recording, make sure your classes are held on CONNECT Hub. We currently do not offer recordings of classes that take place on CONNECT Video, our second online video platform. 
  • Once a class has finished, please provide 60 minutes for our videos to format and save.

To find your recorded class, log into CORE CONNECT. From your Dashboard, navigate to the calendar ad find the class date you wish to view. Click the class and then click more details.

Your completed Class Session will open. Next click on More details in the center of the screen to expand extra class details. Click on the blue text CONNECT Hub. You will be taken to a new screen.

Click on the Recordings icon to view the recording.

No click on view to start playing the class recording.