How do I start learning with a teacher?

Book a teacher right away or let your success manager guide you through the process.

At CORE Languages, we understand that learning a foreign language can be difficult and overwhelming. That is why we offer two options to our clients for getting started. 

Get Started on your Own

Let your Success Manager find the best Teacher for You

Get Started on your Own- When you first create an account on CORE CONNECT, our scheduling and video app, you first need to update your profile and add your payment information. Only then can you book a class with our teachers. Now you can click on Book a Class from your CORE CONNECT Dashboard. You can scroll through a list of teachers or narrow down your search by subject and teacher availability.

Read through the personal statements of our teachers and select the one you would like to book.

Select book a class and choose the best date and time for you.

Confirm your booking by checking the language and your current level. 

Your teacher will receive your request for class time and reach out to you within 24 hours. You will also receive a confirmation email detailing your request.

Please note the class is not confirmed until your teacher gets back to you. If you need assistance, please email your success manager, or you can always call our main number for support. (888)319-2673

Let your success manager help you get started.

We highly recommend working with your success manager to get you started. When you get started, a CORE Languages Client Success Manager is assigned to you to help support you as you learn. You can schedule a time to meet with them to discuss your needs with the link included in your welcome e-mail or by emailing them directly. 

When you speak with your success manager, you will focus on 3 topics to help you start your classes successfully.

  1. Your availability- If you cannot attend class,