How do I update my profile?

Access your profile by visiting and select the button appropriate for what you wish to complete.

To edit your profile, you will need to first log in to the CORE CONNECT webapp by logging into You will be directed to your dashboard. Click the My Profile Tab in the center of the screen (see image below).

From your profile, you will be able to complete everything needed to be found by our administrative team and by our clients and students. Let's review each component based on the button you can select.

Actions Button

Click Edit Profile to update the following fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name (required)
  • Photo (used in your public profile and viewable to clients and students. RECOMMENDED)
  • Email
  • To access the following fields, expand and complete the highlighted sections.
  • Street Address
  • State
  • Zipcode/Postcode
  • City/Town
  • Country
  • Timezone (extremely important and is used to match classes with your availability)
  • Mobile (phone)
  • Telephone (main landline or business phone)
  • Select all notification types you would like to receive. (select all RECOMMENDED)
  • Background check Date (displays date of most recent background check completed)
  • Bio (Extremely important! This is displayed to clients and students and shares who you are as a teacher and let's then select you directly for future classes.)
  • Teaching Experience (For Administrative Team only. This share additional detials which you may wish to remain private)
  • Date of Birth (optional)
  • Gender (optional. Some clients have religious views where this would be asked by the client)
  • Direct Deposit: Name of Bank (for ADP bank deposits)
  • Direct Deposit: Routing Number (for ADP bank deposits)
  • Direct Deposit: Account Number (for ADP bank deposits)
  • Direct Deposit: Type of Account (for ADP bank deposits)
  • Form W-9: Social Security Number (for ADP bank deposits)




 Hit Submit to save your changes
Click Set Availability to become visible to clients and students who wish to book a class with you directly. If you do not add availability, your teacher profile will not be shown to clients and students along with the other teachers who do select this option. Add availability one day at a time or add general availability by clicking Mass Create at the top left of the Availability Calendar. 
  • Set the day you wish your availability to begin and end. Help yourself out by updating blocks of time, for example half a year at a time.
  • Select the days of the week you wish to be available.
  • Select the start and end time of your availability block and the click save.
    (Would you like to add two blocks so each day, for example 8:00am to 10:00am and the 2:00pm to 6:00pm? Simply repeat this process for the same days twice (make sure in this situation not to check the Clear selected days box)\
  • Once the period has passed where you have set your availability, you will need to repeat this process so that you remain visible to clients and students

Navigate back to your Profile by clicking Dashboard and then My Profile. 

Teaching Subjects

These are the topics you wish to Teach with CORE Languages. You can select the topic and the level you wish to teach. Click Edit next to Teaching Subjects to add subjects.

  • First, select the subject you wish to teach
  • Select the level you wish to offer. (All languages must include a CEFR level noting the levels you wish to teach. In the example above, the teacher is offering German at all beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. By leaving a level out, you are noting that you do not wish to teach this level.)
  • Add Elementary School / Middle School / High School / College if you wish to offer the subject to students at this level.
  • ** A special note for teachers of English. If you teach English as a foreign language, please make sure to select English as a Foreign Language or you may be left out of search results.
  • Click Add another to add additional subjects and languages
  • Add other subject matter, like math and science too as our students may wish to practice additional topics with you (especially school-age children).
  • Click Submit to save your subjects


Here you should list all relevant Qualifications, both academic and industry, that would make you suitable to work clients and students. Click Edit to update your qualifications.

  • Select Topica you have studied in school that may make you a perfect fit for a specific course (for example, did you study German and engineering? This would provide great opportunities to work with technical teams?
  • Is your School/Institution missing? Look at the blue bar on the page. Select Click here to add your institution to our list. 

Uploaded Documents

  • Add your CV or Resume here.