How to add a Class?

Need to add an upcoming class? Learn how to add one or multiple classes to a course.

First off, let's better understand how classes work and how they compare to a course.

  • Classes are individual sessions of a course. A class can have 1 student or even multiple (group). A class typically centers around a topic or theme to be covered during that session. When you complete a class, you are marking attendance and filling out a report for each student in that class.
  • A course is set up around a language and level of topics to be covered over multiple classes. A course can have 1 or many students all learning the same language and level of content.

The main takeaway is that each specific class that we add must be related to a course, so that the correct students can be added for that session (good news! this is done automatically!). When a client purchases a package of hours (4 hours up to 100 hours!), they will want random class times or a set schedule. By default, CORE Languages Client Success Managers encourage a regular schedule, but there are times this will not work for the client. Let's dive in deeper.

Whether you are looking to add one class or a regular schedule of classes, you will start by doing the same action. Adding a first class to a course. You can add a class from the Calendar tab, the My Courses tab, or directly from the desired course. You can choose your favorite or most optimal way of adding classes.

Add a Class from the Calendar: From the Dashboard, click the Calendar tab. Then click the +Add New Class button at the top left of the calendar. 

Next, select the course you wish to add the class for and click Create Class.

Next fill in the details for this first (or next) class. See the image below for details. Once you are done, click Schedule Future Class. If you are looking to add only one class. You are finished. 

Add a Class from My Courses: Another way to add an upcoming class is to visit the My Courses tab on the main dashboard left hand menu. Click the blue plus icon at the end of the course. You will be taken to the Create Class page where you will fill in the details for this first (or next) class.

Add a Class from a Course: You will note that all text found in CORE CONNECT that is blue, is a link to another record. If you visit the My Courses tab and click on the blue course name (for example Rob M.-German A1 shown above) you will open the Details Page of this course. Find additional information, such as pay rate, hours taught, hours approved (if the course is approved for a set number of hours), student contact list as well as list of completed and planned hours. In this area, to add a class, click on the blue +Add New Class button and fill in the details for this first (or next) class.


  • Insufficient Client Credit: When you are adding a class for a course you are teaching, you may receive a notification that the client "has insufficient credit for this class". Please notify your CORE Languages admin or the client that you cannot add this future class until they have purchased a new package of hours.

  • Scheduling within the 24 hours before the upcoming class: Please plan your future classes ahead of time. We recommend adding classes at least 24 hours in advance of the upcoming class. Please note that Online class notifications are sent 1 hour before the upcoming class. If the class is not listed on your schedule at least 2 hours before the class, the student may not receive notification of this online class via e-mail. 
  • Completing Reports: Please note that in order to receive full compensation for classes taught, you must complete a report for the class providing homework or notes from the class