How will I get paid?

Payments are made via direct deposit by the 8th of each month

Payments are fast and secure with CORE Languages' payment provider ADP. As you complete attendance of each class taught, you are also making a record of the amount owed to you. Some classes are a flat rate fee and some (group) classes are flat rate, plus bonus pay per student. By the end of each month, your hours are tallied up and sent to you for review through a CORE CONNECT Notification e-mail. Please review for accuracy and notify the CORE Admin Team of any discrepancies within 48 hours of e-mail receipt. 

Payments will then be processed through ADP if you have accurately entered your payment details found under (My Profile) by clicking the blue Actions button -->Edit Profile -->Extra Fields for the following details:

  • Direct Deposit: Name of Bank
  • Direct Deposit: Routing Number
  • Direct Deposit: Account Number
  • Direct Deposit: Type of Account

You must also complete the tax filing field for 1099 direct deposits

  • Form W-9: Social Security Number/Tin Number