My Dashboard

Understand your dashboard and basic navigation.

When you log into CORE CONNECT, you will be taken to your Dashboard. The view shown next is a full dashboard for a teacher who has applied and has been approved to Team with CORE Languages. Here you'll be able to see all of the information that's relevant to you at a glance. This includes the number of hours you've taught, the amount you've been paid, and also the number of students they have worked with over the last 30 days.

The Dashboard is also made up of three tabs or sections that run horizontally on the top of the dashboard, this includes:

Dashboard: (As seen above) This allows you to access data relevant to you. You'll be able to see how many students you've worked with, as well as your earnings over a 30-day period. There will also be an Actions Required section, which notifies you to complete any outstanding classes or reports. Want to see how much you are owed for completed classes? No problem, that figure will also be visible there under Yet to be paid. 
Overview: You can view your own analytics within this section, so you'll be able to see how well you're doing over time with CORE Languages. The Overview section contains two separate graphs relating to Hours Taught & Amount Paid, allowing you to analyze your own performance over time. 

My Profile: Your profile allows you to showcase your Qualifications, Skills and relevant Documents to agencies. You can add more details to your profile, such as your contact details, bank account for direct deposit, tax form information or any other information required by CORE Languages. 

Now back to the main Dashboard. Let's review the left vertical menu.  This menu consists of 9 vertical tabs. 

The Dashboard: (We have already covered.)

Payment Details: When you click on the Payment Details tab of the left-hand menu, you will first find a list of all payment made to you by CORE Languages for your service provided.

By clicking on a specific payment, you will then be able to review all details of the payment from classes taught to preapproved (via email) expenses for each course taught. Plus, download a PDF for your records. 

Calendar: The calendar is the location to view your schedule, change your schedule, access your classes, and add future classes. To move forward or backwards on your calendar, simply use the arrows to help you navigate.

You have 4 different views for your calendar. Each view offers more detail around that time period. Month-shows general information regarding your schedule. Week-shows additional details for the week displayed. Day-shows the current day or day selected and shows the most detail. List-shows a chronological view of upcoming classes.

To change your schedule, we recommend using the week or day view and this will help you move the class on your calendar with greatest precision. Simply hover over the class until the arrow changes to the cross arrows. Now Click and hold the class. Drag the class to the start time of the class and release. If you would like to reduce or increase the class duration, simply hover over the bottom of the class field and increase or decrease the class end time.

To access your class details, for example to edit attendance or to join your CONNECT Video or CONNECT ClassRoom Session, simply click on the desired class. A window will pop up. Now click More Details to enter into the class details page.

To add a future class, simply click the +Add New Class button. Next, select the course you would like to add the class for and input your class details. (Check with your student to make sure they have approval for you to add classes to the calendar.)

Available Courses: Check the available courses tab to see which courses you can apply for. The CORE Languages Administrative team will notify only teachers who qualify to teach this course via e-mail. Make sure you have completed your Teaching Subjects and Availability to receive e-mail notifications. Do Not Apply for courses if you cannot accommodate the requested schedule. Doing so will reduce your standing for future course applications. Courses are assigned within a 24-to-48-hour period to the most qualified teachers with an exact matching schedule. Click Apply Now and add in details to why this course is a good fit for you to help us decide.

Current Applications: View a list of all the courses you have previously applied for as well as your application status.

My Courses: This tab lists all current and previous courses you have taught. Click on the Course Name to open course details. Click the blue Plus button of each course to add the next class for the course.

My Reports: After every completed class, you are required to leave a brief report of that class. Leave feedback regarding the student: hints, tips, tricks and even comments on participation in the class. You can also leave homework notes or class discussion reminders for the student.

Expenses: If you are approved (in writing) to charge the client for items like course books, flashcards, etc, you may create an expense report, which will come out of the client's budget. You may add or review expenses in this section. Please check with your CORE Administrator before submitting an expense report.

Documents: Documents can be shared with the CORE Admin Team, for example your CV or Resumé. But there's more! Would you like to share a document with your students in a specific course? You can do that by navigating to a specific course and uploading the document to that course. Let your students know that you added the document for homework/review.


Video Platforms: At the bottom of the menu are 3 video platform options that you may choose from when offering online classes. These links are for demonstration/practice purposes only You will not join a class by clicking these links. 

CONNECT Video: This video option is the default for CORE CONNECT video calls and adds basic functionalities for an online class. Enjoy video, audio, chat, screenshare and video recording for all classes provided through CONNECT Video.

CONNECT ClassRoom: This video option is built off of LessonSpace, an award-winning collaborative platform for online teaching. CORE Languages pays for all teachers' licenses in order to support and encourage high-quality learning experiences. CONNECT ClassRoom offers, video, audio, chat, screenshare, collaborative and interactive whiteboards, and video recording.

Zoom: Do you love Zoom and have your own Paid Zoom account? If so, you can add your Zoom account to CORE CONNECT to automatically schedule and send meeting links directly from your course or calendar! Simply add the Zoom integration and you are set.