Sound Sharing

Here's a quick tutorial on how to share your screen (with sound) in the ClassRoom:

Here's a quick tutorial on how to share your screen (with sound) in your ClassRoom:

While screen-sharing an application window of a YouTube video for example, you can share the sound of the video with your students. Follow these steps below:

Tip: If you don't want to show the video, or if you have an audio file to share with your students, simply play it on your computer without sharing your screen - your students will hear the audio you play. Make sure you don't mute your microphone while playing the audio.

  1. Click on this icon to share your screen. 
  2. A window will pop up asking what you would like to share, you can toggle to choose between: 
    • Your Entire Screen
    • Application Window
    • Chrome Tab - Select this one
  3. Then select the YouTube clip (the tab) you want to show.
  4. Tick the box in the bottom left corner that says Share audio. 

  5. Press the blue Share button

Once you click play on the YouTube clip your student will also be able to hear the sound of the clip and watch the video from your Shared Screen.