Teacher's Guide to Using CONNECT Hub

CORE Languages has partnered with MeritHub to provide an integrated solution to CORE CONNECT for all your video streaming and document storage needs.

What devices are supported by CONNECT Hub Virtual Classroom?

CONNECT Hub’s virtual classroom supports almost all devices including laptops (windows, macOS, Linux), Chromebook, Ipad, iPhone, and Android phones.

How to access CONNECT Hub?

Go to your CORE CONNECT Dashboard and then click on CONNECT Hub on the icon placed at the bottom of your Dashboard menu. This will provide access to your provided classes (sessions) as well as document library to prepare for and store documents for upcoming classes.

You will receive links to upcoming classes by adding these classes first to your CORE CONNECT calendar. Video session links will be automatically added for you on each class as well as emailed to you and your student approximately 90 minutes before each class.

Starting a class on CONNECT Hub

Add classes to your course or calendar in CORE CONNECT. A link will be automatically generated for you if you are within 24 hours of your upcoming class time. You can then start the class by clicking on the link. Once you do, you will be taken to your CONNECT Hub session for the upcoming class. by either clicking on the audio or video icon on your screen. Refer to the below image to start the session.


How can learners enter the classroom?

Once the session is live, go to the People tab and select add participants tab over there on the right side, then copy the participant’s link and share it with your students/learners. They will be able to enter the classroom directly with the help of the link. Keep in mind one thing students would not be able to join the class until the session is live.

You can also invite students by sharing links or inviting them through email. Refer the below article to invite the students before the class starts.

Inviting students into CONNECT Hub Sessions

Mathematics Coordinate Geometry (2).png (1325×800).png


How to give audio/video access to participants?

Simply click on the People tab and give audio/video access as shown in the below image.

Virtual Classroom 1.png


What controls do I have on learners in the CONNECT Hub classroom?

You can allow or disallow audio, video, and writing access. You can also enable or disable chat access, have a private or public chat with them, remove them from the classroom, or can even block them.

For all those controls, go to the People tab as shown in the below image.

Virtual Classroom 1 (1).png
Virtual Classroom 1 (4).png


How to extend the duration of the session in the classroom?

Go to the settings tab, choose by how many minutes you want to extend the session, and then click go. Alternatively you can click on the timer at the top left corner of the window.

Virtual Classroom 1 (2).png (1282×555).png


How can I run an audio/video test on CONNECT Hub?

Refer to the below link for info about troubleshooting.

Testing your audio and video devices on CONNECT Hub



What different layouts are available in the CONNECT Hub Classroom?

Classroom view, Gallery view, Whiteboard view, Fullscreen view, Splitscreen, and many more. Go to the layout icon on the left side of the window and select the desired layout as shown in the below image.

Drive - MeritHub (14).png


How to start/stop recording in the CONNECT Hub virtual classroom?

Click the black circled icon in the topmost row to start the recording. Once the recording starts the color of the icon changes to red and whenever you want to stop the recording just click on that icon again and your recording will stop. You can start the recording again by selecting the same dot.

Quiz creation (5).png


How can I end the CONNECT Hub Classroom session?

By clicking on the exit tab on the left side of the window as shown in the below image.

Temp (1).png (1240×807).png