What is a CORE Languages referral code?

Use your referral code to 1. Take credit for new students who sign up under your Ambassador Account 2. Students get a discount to help them get started at our best rates.

A CORE Languages referral code is a unique numerical code generated for Ambassadors who have been approved by filling out this referral code form. Ambassadors will share this code with potential CORE Languages students. By sharing your referral code to prospective clients and students:

  1. Teachers earn extra income and clients earn additional credit toward future classes.
  2. Prospective clients and students get an additional 10% off listed website prices. Total discounts on subscription packages range from 20% to 30% off!

What Does a CORE Languages Referral Code Do?

A CORE Languages referral code will earn rewards for Ambassadors and will earn discounts on classes for new students. Ambassadors can share their referral code with someone who has not yet signed up for CORE Language classes. 

How Can I Get a Referral Code?

You can request a referral code by filling out a referral code request form. CORE Languages will then send you your referral code!

Who can use my referral code?

Anyone who is new to CORE and enrolling with CORE Languages as a student or client for the first time can use your referral code. If you are a teacher, the prospective student or client does not need to enroll with you as their teacher, in order to earn a commission.